On behalf of Michael Davis and the Hardin County Board of Education, Congratulations to the Hardin County High School Class of 2020 on this important milestone. 

HCHS Class of 2020
Baccalaureate Service

HCHS Class of 2020
Graduation Ceremony

School Colors: Maroon, White and Gray

Class Song: I’ll Always Remember You by Miley Cyrus

Class Poem: High School Memories by Kelly Roper

Class Motto: “Our lives are before us, our past is behind us, our memories are forever within us.”

Class Flower: Tartan Dahlia

High School Memories by Kelly Roper
Classroom bells and noisy halls,
Watching the clock as last period crawls,
Getting a demerit for talking in class,
Trying to remember where you left your hall pass.
Rooting for your team at a big football game,
Hoping the teacher would not call your name,
Studying for tests trying to get higher scores,
The echoing slams of the hall locker doors.
Pep rallies, homecoming and class elections,
Trying to decide next year’s course selections,
Pondering the source of the lunch room’s mystery meat,
Choosing lab partners and changing your seats.
Some of these moments may seem rather small,
But it’s the little things that you’ll remember most of all.
So put on your cap and your gown and stand tall,
It’s graduation day, so savor it all.