The Journey

The success of the student is the most important and fundamental quality in Hardin County Schools.  Teaching students how to add and subtract is important, but the essentials of nurturing, molding, training, and growing young leaders is equally critical.  Our biggest accomplishments at Hardin County Schools include the milestones along the journey and the impact we can make so that when a student graduates, they are ready to conquer the obstacles and challenges we all encounter together.


There are many opportunities for students to get involved at Hardin County Schools.  From athletics to band, clubs to student council, and even opportunities to serve in our great community, we desire for each of our students to have opportunities that not only appeal to them, but also continue the process of building character and evolving with new experiences.

  • cheerleaders on the basketball court
  • HCH cheerleaders
  • student in orchestra
  • female student playing basketball
  • students in computer lab
  • kids and a teacher

Career Preparation

As we strive to ensure success for each student, that includes creating opportunities for them to get a head start on their career preparation.  Hardin County Schools is partnered with Jackson State Community College at Savannah in a dual enrollment program which offers qualified students an opportunity to earn college credits.  For students who are interested in getting trained for a career right away we are also partnered with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Crump.  Both schools are located in Hardin County.